Our responsible investing philosophy is grounded in our founder’s vision for the firm: we want every person and every entity we touch better off through our interaction with them.

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We are environmentally conscious

We are a performance-oriented fund that actively considers the impact of our portfolio companies on the environment and surrounding communities.

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Diversity represents the variation and differences we promote within our workforce.

Total Population
(% female and % underrepresented minorities)

New Hires
(% of new hires that are female and % underrepresented minorities)

Senior Leadership
(% female and % underrepresented minorities at the Board / Partner level)




Equity represents the fair and level playing field that we aim to create.

Fair Hourly Pay
(mean hourly pay difference, male vs. female and white vs. underrepresented minorities)

Fair Salary Pay
(% female and % underrepresented minorities making >$200k)




Inclusion represents the environment we cultivate in allowing everyone to bring their authentic selves to work.

Frequency of Employee Engagement Surveys (annual surveys, quarterly pulse surveys)

Employee Engagement Survey Scores
(overall, difference in male vs. female, difference in white vs. underrepresented minorities)

Employee Turnover
(% female and % underrepresented minorities)




Advancement represents the progression or movement forward we continue to push towards.

Hourly and Salaried Promotion Rates
(% female and % underrepresented minorities)

Living Wage Standard
(Strive for 100% living wage)


We choose the harder right over the easier wrong in serving the interests of patients, investors, portfolio companies, and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.


We invest in each other (early, often, and thoughtfully) and take ownership in a collaborative, compassionate and respectful manner to achieve firm goals.


We advance patient care with determination and purpose to positively impact our community.


We promote constructively-candid and respectful dialogue to get to the right answers.

Social Impact

We affect positive change in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and the environment.


We deliver superior results to our investors and improved outcomes for everyone we serve.

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