Gordon McMurray, Ph.D.

Gordon is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence on the Frazier Life Sciences team and has over 18 years of drug discovery and development experience.

Gordon joined the Frazier Life Sciences team as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in March 2020. He was previously co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Outpost Medicine, a Frazier portfolio company.

Prior to Outpost, Gordon held several senior roles across multiple therapeutic areas at Pfizer Global R&D, leading multiple disciplines, teams and projects across Neuroscience, Pain, Sensory Disorders, Genitourinary and Urology indications. Prior to Pfizer, Gordon was a Lecturer in Pharmacology and a Laboratory Head in the Department of Pharmacology at Oxford University, where he was also a member of the Oxford Continence Group.

Gordon holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D. from Queen’s University Belfast.

United Kingdom

Queen’s University Belfast (B.Sc., Ph.D.)

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