NewAmsterdam Pharma

Focused on the development of potentially transformative oral therapies for major cardiometabolic diseases

NewAmsterdam Pharma Holding B.V. merged with Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Company (FLAC, a Frazier-sponsored SPAC) to create NewAmsterdam Pharma Company N.V. NewAmsterdam’s mission is to improve patient care in populations with metabolic diseases where traditional therapies have not been sufficiently successful or well-tolerated. The company is investigating obicetrapib, an oral, low-dose and once-daily CETP inhibitor, as the preferred LDL-C-lowering therapy to be used as an adjunct to maximally tolerated statin therapy for high-risk cardiovascular disease (“CVD”) patients. NewAmsterdam believes the de-SPAC transaction (and related PIPE) provided them with sufficient capital to execute on a definitive Phase III program in LDL-C-lowering, and further evaluate obicetrapib’s benefits in reducing risk of Major Adverse Cardiac Events.

IPO in 2020, SPAC Merger in 2022 (NASDAQ: NAMS)
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The Netherlands