Hendrik Struik

Operating Partner

Mr. Struik rejoined the Growth Buyout team in 2016 as an Operating Partner.

Mr. Struik is the former Chief Executive Officer of Laboratory Supply Company, a Frazier portfolio company. He rejoined Frazier following the successful sale of LABSCO to McKesson Corporation in May of 2016. Mr. Struik originally joined Frazier Healthcare in July 2012 as an Operating Partner, working with the firm’s Growth Buyout team to identify opportunities in differentiated medical products, supplies and devices and outsourced technology-enabled services.

From 2009 to 2012 he served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Sarnova, a provider of healthcare products to the emergency medical and acute care services markets. While at Sarnova, Mr. Struik sought out best-in-class technology as product anchors, then leveraged them to pull-through supplies.

Prior to Sarnova, Mr. Struik spent over 20 years with Cardinal Health and predecessor companies including Baxter and Allegiance Healthcare. While at Cardinal he led the strategic acquisition of Viasys. Upon completion of the transaction, he assumed the responsibility for four business units including a clinical trials company, a neuro-diagnostics company, a cardio-pulmonary diagnostics business, and a ventilator business. In the latter capacity he served as the President of Cardinal’s $850M Respiratory and Neurocare unit.

Mr. Struik currently sits on the board of Medical Graphics Corporation.


Kellogg School of Business (M.S.)
Indiana University (B.S.)

Year Joined